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New Adidas Ace 17+ Primeknit 2017 K-Leather Boots

The Adidas Ace Primeknit 2017 leather football boots are the first-ever k-leather edition of the Adidas Ace Primeknit. Black and red, the Adidas Ace 17.1 K-Leather cleats had released on November 2016.

This image shows the black, red and white Adidas Ace Primeknit 2017 Leather edition.

The Adidas Ace Primeknit black red white Leather soccer boots introduce a classy Predator-inspired design. Combining the same colors as the synthetic launch colorway of the boots, the leather edition of the Adidas Ace 17 inverts the red and black two-colored scheme of the synthetic boot - the red K-Leather area is red, the knitted heel area is black.

Tech-wise, the 2017 Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit K-Leather soccer cleats are almost the same as the all-knitted version of Adidas' third-generation Ace boot, while the main differences are the lower collar and the extra use of Kangaroo leather in the forefoot area.

What are your thoughts on the all-new Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit leather edition, the first-ever knitted Adidas Ace Kangaroo leather boot? Drop us a line below and also let us know if you still miss the Predator.

The red black Adidas Ace Primeknit 2017 Leather boots will on sale at You can keep touch with us if you want a pair of cheap Adidas Ace Primeknit 2017 Leather boots.